Monday, 30 April 2007

a day out in the garden

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Today I went to church. upstairs I made something for my mum and after that I had a biscuit and drink. When I came back downstairs i had a few crispy cakes because there was a christening. After church we came home and had some people for lunch. for lunch mummy made spaghetti bolognaise and fresh bread.After that 3 of the visitors played basketball with us in the garden. They weren't very good!Then we played with some lightsabres. They weren't very good at that either.
Mummy's just asked me to go and do my homework so bye bye and may the force be with you.


Scott said...

Great blog, Josh! I can't wait to read more, and I know that Luke and Eddie will want to read your blog too!

Do you know how I picked the name Luke for my son? I am also a huge Star Wars fan! I told Luke's mom that I wanted to call him Luke (after Luke Skywalker), and she rolled her eyes at me, but then said, "Ok. Luke is a pretty nice name."

Now I can go around and say, "[Big noisy breath], Luke, I am your father!"

Luke laughs when I do that.

gaz. arrggg! said...

hi josh, i like your new blog and i can't wait to see what you put on next.

Luke said...

Josh, I am a star wars fan too. I have some friends that are not very good at lightsabers or basketball either. But I did play some basketball today. I can't wait to see how many pictures and videos you get on your blog. Your friend in the USA, Luke.

Eddie said...

Hi Josh, I like your blog. I kinda like Star Wars, but not that much. I have the millenium falcon and jabbas sail barge in legos. I have princess leia in a bikini lego. That's funny. Maybe I can take a picture of the bikini lego and post it so you can see. Your friend, Eddie

gazandneen said...

Hey Josh

It's Neen here... I love your blog! Did you know Gaz is a HUGE wars fan? Now he is great with a lightsaber but not so good with jedi skills, levitation etc. When I was a bit fatter a few years ago, his nick name for me was "jabba"!

Luke skywalker or Hans Solo - which is cooler?... discuss! Maybe your readers could take a vote.

See you in school, young man.

Mrs T

mummy said...

Hi Josh
What a great blog!
Are you going to be blogging everyday like daddy?
Can't wait to read the next installment!