Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The march of the dragon heads

These are the dragon heads that my class made for the parade on sunday and would you like me to tell you how we made them?
What we did was we had a kind of dragon head shape made out of card and then we painted it green. Then we had to cut some teeth out for the dragon and then we stuck them on with glue. Then we let that dry for lunch and then when we came back after lunch the teachers had attached the sticks to the heads. We got another piece of dragon card and painted that side and stuck it on. After that we cut out the yellow and red shapes to stick on the head to make it look like it was scratched everywhere. We also cut out the big triangle spikes and stuck them on too. The eye was made of a round piece with a smaller black piece of paper then we put a shiny silver bit in the middle. That's how we made our dragon heads. Oh I forgot - we also made paper tissue bits to hang off the botttom but I didn'y have time to put my second eye on or my streamers.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

our holiday weekend

After school on friday me and ethan went to grandma's. After we'd had tea at grandmas mommy came to pick us up and we went home - we got changed - we packed our cases - got in the car and went to houseparty. On Saturday morning we started a group called the GiG team. GiG stands for God is Good. We made crowns and had the story of a girl called esther.
on sunday we made goblets and a scroll with the story of esther. I've left the picture really big so you can read the story yourself.
On sunday night we stayed up really late in our group watching ice age 2: the meltdown.
It was really fun and one of the leaders in our group called Chris was very funny.

Monday, 30 April 2007

a day out in the garden

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Today I went to church. upstairs I made something for my mum and after that I had a biscuit and drink. When I came back downstairs i had a few crispy cakes because there was a christening. After church we came home and had some people for lunch. for lunch mummy made spaghetti bolognaise and fresh bread.After that 3 of the visitors played basketball with us in the garden. They weren't very good!Then we played with some lightsabres. They weren't very good at that either.
Mummy's just asked me to go and do my homework so bye bye and may the force be with you.